ASEAN Regional Knowledge Network on Forest Products Development

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No Title File Download File
1 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 16985:2010 Wood-based panels – Determination of dimensional changes associated with changes in relative humidity Identical Adoption of ISO 16985:2003 View file Download
2 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 16983:2010 Wood-based panels – Determination of swelling in thickness after immersion in water. Identical Adoption of ISO 16983:2003 View file Download
3 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 17064:2010 Wood-based panels – Fibreboard, particleboard and oriented strand board (OSB) – Vocabulary. Identical Adoption of ISO 17064:2004 View file Download
4 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 9426;2008, Wood-based panels-Determination of dimension of panels. Identical Adoption of ISO 9426:2003 View file Download
5 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 9427:2008, Wood based panels-Determination of density. Identical Adoption of ISO 9427:2003 View file Download
6 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 12466-2:2010 Plywood – Bonding quality – Part 2: Requirements. Identical Adoption of ISO 12466-2:2007 View file Download
7 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 12466-1:2010 Plywood – Bonding quality – Part 1: Test methods. Identical Adoption of ISO 12466-1:2007 View file Download
8 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 16998:2010 Wood-based panels – Determination of moisture resistance – Boil test. Identical Adoption of ISO 16998:2003 View file Download
9 Indonesia National Standard ISO 3133:2010, Wood – Determination of ultimate strength in static bending. Identical Adoption of ISO 3133:1975 View file Download
10 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 3132:2010, Wood – Testing in compression perpendicular to grain. Identical Adoption of ISO 3132:1975 View file Download
11 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 3129:2011, Wood – Sampling methods and general requirements for physical and mechanical tests. Identical Adoption of ISO 3129:1975 View file Download
12 Indonesia National Standard SNI ISO 2426-3:2008: Classification by surface appearance - Part 3: Softwood. Identical Adoption of ISO 2426-3:2000 View file Download
13 Indonesia National Standard SNI ISO 2426.2:2008- Classification by surface appearance - Part 2: Hardwood. Identical Adoption of ISO 2426-2:2000 View file Download
14 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) 2426.1-2008, Classification by surface appearance - Part 1: general. Identical Adoption of ISO 2426.1-2000 View file Download
15 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 2074:2008 Plywood – Vocabulary. Identical Adoption of ISO 2074: 2007 View file Download
16 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) 2036:2011, Wood for manufacture of wood flooring – Symbols for marking according to species. Identical Adoption of ISO 2036:1976 View file Download
17 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 1096:2010 Plywood – Classification. Identical Adoption of ISO 1096:1999 View file Download
18 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) 1072:2011, Solid wood parquet — General characteristics Identical Adoption of ISO 1072:1975 View file Download
19 Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 631:2011, Mosaic parquet panel – General Characteristics. Identical Adoption of ISO 631:1975 View file Download