ARKN-fpd is a web-site associated with ASEAN Expert Group on Forest Product Development (AEG-FPD) which is one of the working groups on forestry within ASEAN.  It is intended to be a medium for disseminating, sharing, as well as exchanging news, data and information concerning forest product development, hence enhancing cooperation among ASEAN Member States (AMS) as well as between AMS and other countries. In addition, it is also expected to facilitate harmonization of forest product standards and regulations with a goal to supportforest product development and trade within the region as well as to solidify ASEAN as one community in the constellation of international trade of forest products.  

With a purpose to be a comprehensive source of data and information on regional forest product development, ARKN-fpd is structured to encompass a wide variety of products and nearly all aspect of forest product development.  However, data availability under each menu or sub-menu may differ significantly due to the great variation on forestry sector among countries.  Likewise, the regularity of data updating may also vary.

ARKN-fpd web-site is hosted in Indonesia by 
Center For Standardization of Sustainable Forest Management Instruments (Pustarhut), a standard center within Agency For Standardization of Environment dnd Forestry Instruments of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia.  However, the site is designed purposively to enable each AMS administers a particular slot and responsible for the news, data and information contained.  In other words, all country-based data and information in this web-site are provided, uploaded, and updated by the respective country.



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