PROF. DR. IR. R. SUDRADJAT, MSC. | Processing of Forest Products
The Center For Research and Development on Forest Engineering and Forest Products Processing Indonesia

Start working on FORDA (Forest Products Research and Development Center) as temporary employees since the year 1973. In the year 1975 a civil servant. In the year 1976 a mutation of the Directorate General of Forest Products Research and Development Jakarta to Bogor. In 1993, a researcher concurrently Head mutations BTPDAS Surakarta. In the year 2000 the mutation back to the Forest Products Research and Development Center - now a researcher in the area of ??Forest Products Processing, with biomass energy research subjects. The position occupied is now functional as a Researcher. It has been confirmed by the speech as an Expert Researcher in the year 1995 and was inaugurated as Research Professor in 2004.

A bachelor's degree Agricultural Technology, Bogor Agricultural obtained in Year 1973. In the year 1983-1985 had attended MS program at IPB and pass but was discontinued due to continue his studies in Belgium for M.Sc and PhD programs. Master of science in the year 1988 of the Agricultural science Rijks University of Ghent in Belgium. Doctor in Agricultural sciences derived from the Rijks University of Ghent, Belgium in 1990.

Research conducted since 1990 that the technology of forest by the Forest Products Processing expertise in biomass energy research fields, such as research on Biodiesel processing technology using jatropha seeds and jatropha sewage treatment plant for a variety of commercial commodities that have medapat patent certificate in Year 2010 from the Ministry of Justice. The other is the research of biodiesel using feedstock billowing seed, nyamplung, kesambi, bintaro, mangrove. Manufacture of bioethanol from palm seeds, palm and siwalan.

Training and scientific activities related to the competencies have been followed, among others:

Seminar on Land Use as a Source of Energy Year 1983, Study of CO2 emissions for forestry sector in Malaysia in 1990, global warming Exhibition of 1992 earth summit in Brazil, EM4 organic fertilizer in Thailand in 1993, Vetiver Grass in the year 1994 in Thailand.

Until now had a total of 160 scientific papers published in journals / scientific bulletins, national and international proceedings. Books published FORDA of 1993 as many as 2 pieces, self-published Publisher Diffuser 2 pieces, FORDA published in 2010 as many as 1 unit.