ANDIANTO,S.HUT. M.SI. | Anatomy of Plants
The Center For Research and Development on Forest Engineering and Forest Products Processing Indonesia

Start working as a civil servant since 1994 as a staff in BISHH Wil. Ujungpandang IX. In 1995 was appointed as a permanent civil servant staff BISHH Wil. Ujungpandang IX. In 2000 moved to a technician BTN Mist Mountain bina nature in the Mist Mountain BTN-Sukabumi. In 2004 moved to the Center for Forest Products. In 2006 he became a non structural strength at the Center for Forest Products. In 2006 - is now a researcher in the area of ??Forest Products Processing, the field of study subjects Anatomy Wood. The position is now occupied functional Young Researchers.

An undergraduate degree forestry (forestry Technology) Faculty of Forestry, Agricultural Institute Yogyakarta acquired in 1993, who had previously graduated in 1990 from D III program courses Forest Management, Academy of Forestry (AIK) Prov. TK region. West Java in Bandung, and holds a Master of Science (M.Si) from Bogor Agricultural University in 2009.

Research conducted since 2006 the forest products technology with expertise in the processing of forest products research in plant anatomy, among others: anatomical characteristics of five types of gaharu wood and two types of relatives, Wood Identification of Medicinal Plants: Wood Anatomical Structure of Four Cinnamomum Species (Lauraceae), Review of the field on the Earth Stake (Eurycoma longifolia Jack), Timber Technology Applications for Domestic Purposes, Melinjo (Gnetum gnemon LINN.) Plant utilization potential needs to be developed. The design of tools for the preparation of samples of hardwood in the study of anatomy. Overview of drying wood. Anatomy wooden pegs earth (Eurycoma longifolia Jack) and some spare wood Simaroubaceae. Effect of compaction on the rate of reduction in the moisture content of wood Cotton Tree (Gossampinus sp.).

Training and scientific activities related to the competencies have been followed were: Short course in forest fields in the program DSE (Deutsche Stiftung fur Internationale Entwicklung) in Germany in the year 1997 to 1998, Pacific Regional Wood Anatomy Conference (PRWAC) 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2009.

To date has produced eight scientific papers published in journals / scientific bulletins, abstracts, reports and proceedings both in national and international journals.