IR. SUKANDA, MSI. | Engineering and Forest Product Harvesting
The Center For Research and Development on Forest Engineering and Forest Products Processing Indonesia

Start working on FORDA (Forest Products Research and Development Center) in the year 1985 as a civil servant before Honoree in 1984. In 1985 a researcher at the Forest Products Research and Development Center. In the year 1994 transfer to Samarinda and the CPC in 2004 - is now a researcher in the field of Technicality and processing of forest products, the study subjects Technicality and harvesting of forest products. The position is now occupied functional position as Associate Researcher.

Forest obtained a bachelor's degree from Samarinda UNMUL 1982. Master of Science in Forestry Sciences obtained in 1995 of the Bogor Institute of Agriculture.

Research conducted since 1985 the technology field with expertise Technicality forest and harvesting forest exploitation in research fields, such as research reduced impact logging, timber harvesting efficiency.

Training and scientific activities related to the competencies have been followed, among others:

Criteria and indicators of sustainable management of natural forests in 2002, training and deepening understanding of ISO / IEC: 17025 Edition 2 2007.

Up to this time had been producing 33 scientific papers published in journals / scientific newsletters, abstracts, reports and proceedings both national and international journals.