IR. EFRIDA BASRI, M.SC | Processing of Forest Products
The Center For Research and Development on Forest Engineering and Forest Products Processing Indonesia

Start working on FORDA (Forest Products Research and Development Center) as temporary employees since the year 1982. In the year 1983 a civil servant. In 1984 - is now a researcher in the area of ??Forest Products Processing Drying research subjects. The position occupied is now functional as a Researcher.

Bachelor of Forestry degree obtained in 1982 from the Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University. Obtained a Masters Degree in Science Year 2011 from Faculty of Forestry in Forest Science and Technology through the Research School of Forestry Research and Development Agency. Research conducted since 1984 the Forest Products Technology field with expertise in the Forest Products Processing Drying research fields, such as research penereresan influence on the physical, anatomical and properties of mangium wood, the nature of the relationship and the nature of the five types of wood drying mainstay of West Java, the influence of age segment layout and position on the stem of the drying properties of the three types of bamboo, outline the basic 16 types of wood drying Indonesia, the nature and development of shrinkage and moisture balance bamboo rope (Gigantochloa lear) at various ages and levels of dryness, wood dryer machine testing combination of solar power and heat from the furnace type I (SC + TI). Training and scientific activities related to the competencies have been followed, among others:

Management marketing courses in Sweden in 1991, the Conference in England for 8 days (ITTO). Furthermore've also followed the conference, joint research and training among others to Japan and China.

Up to this time has produced 62 scientific papers published in the Journal / Scientific Bulletin, abstracts, reports and proceedings both national and international Journals.