DRA. JASNI, M.SI. | Processing of Forest Products
The Center For Research and Development on Forest Engineering and Forest Products Processing Indonesia

Start working as an Honoree in 1986 at the Center for Forest Products Bogor. CPNS since 1988. In 1989 was appointed as civil servants. In 1992 - is now a researcher in the area of ??Forest Products Processing, the field of study subjects and Preservation of Forest Biology. The position is now occupied functional position as Associate Researcher

Bachelor of Biology degree from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Andalas Padang acquired in 1983 and obtained his Masters in Biology, from the University of Indonesia in 1996

Research conducted since 1992, the forest products technology with expertise in the processing of forest products research field of Biological and Preservation of Forest Products, among other durability studies, keterawetan wood, rattan, bamboo and its products.

Training and scientific activities related to the competencies have been followed, among others:

Research Skill Up Grading Program in Thailand in 1991, Wood Discusses Entomology traning with the director ATTC 1991 in Malaysia. Conference The fourth international conference on wood science, technology and forestry in England, in 1999. Symposium Bio-based composites symposium in 2000 in Australia, Conference The Fifth International Conference on the Development of Wood Science, Wood Technology and Forestry in Slovania in 2001 and in Japan in 2009 Conference of the Pacific Rim Termite Research Group.

Up to now, this has resulted in 85 scientific papers published in journals / scientific bulletins, abstracts, reports and national proceedings.