DOST-FPRDI’s Knowledge Sharing in the Cordilleras Philippine | 28/01/2019

The Department of Science and Technology - Forest Products Research and Development Institute (DOST-FPRDI) recently paid a weeklong visit to the Cordilleras for a series of technology fora.

Ms. Ronelia O. Lalap (photo above) of FPRDI’s Technical Services Division presented the Institute’s commerciable technologies to Municipal Science and Technology Coordinators of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).

According to the participants, there are plenty of bamboos in their area; however, the lack of knowledge on bamboo processing prevents them from fully utilizing these. Thus, they expressed interest in DOST-FPRDI technologies such as bamboo flattening machine, bamboo veneer lathe, and multi-purpose double acting hot press.

Technology Innovation Division’s For. Armando V. Gillado Jr., on the other hand, talked on novelty products from woodwastes and tops and branches of trees. According to him, woodwastes that usually end up as panggatong or firewood, can be transformed into handicraft items which can be sold at a good price. He encouraged the locals to make use of their creativity and innovativeness to come up with saleable products.

Queries from the audience were mostly about the needed production machines, as well as available training. Fortunately, through the Provincial Science and Technology Center of Ifugao, a training on special effects finishing and woodwaste utilization will be held in Kiangan, Ifugao in November.

The technology fora were part of the DOST-CAR’s celebration of the 2018 Regional Science and Technology Week held from 21-25 October 2018. Both were held at the DPWH Conference Hall, Luna, Apayao.