Species of Indonesian Comercial Wood Indonesia | 30/11/2018

Approximately 4,000 wood species are found in Indonesia’s forests of which only a few species have been known with regard to their properties and uses, while 120 species are now commonly known as commercial woods. The name of the 120 commercial species are presented in table form (see attachment).
Trade names introduced in this report, frequently represents names for botanical species groups possessing similar characteristics and properties in each group, so the names of the 120 commercial wood species presented in this report actually cover a total of 267 botanical species (see attachments). 
Kartasujana, I.& Martawijaya, A. 1973. Commercial woods of Indonesia, their propertiesand uses Pengumuman no.3 thn 1973. Lembaga Penelitian Hasil Hutan, Bogor.

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