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Properties And Uses of Indonesian Commercial Wood


Download the attachment for the name of the 120 commercial species are presented in table form which is supplemented with some data regarding their specific gravity, durability, strength, distribution and uses. The specific gravity presented here is the weight-volume ratio of the wood in air-dry condition at approximately 15% moisture content. The durability is grouped into five classes based on the estimated service life of the wood under different conditions and its resistance to insect attack as follows:


Durability Class I II III IV
In continuous contact with moist ground 8 years 5 years 3 years
very short
very short

Exposed only to weather but kept fromgetting soaked in water and properly ventilated

 20 years
 15 years
 10 years



very short

Under the roof, not in contact with moist ground and properly ventilated

Indefinitely long Indefinitely long very long
several years
very short

As above but properly maintained and regularly painted

Indefinitely long Indefinitely long Indefinitely long  20 years
20 years
Attack of subterranean termites  none rare
very rapid
very rapid
Attack of powder post beetles  none none
not serious
very rapid

 Source:Oey (1951)


The strength is grouped into five classes based on the specific gravity, absolute bending and compression strength as follows:

Strength Class Spesific Gravity
Absolute Bending Strength Kg/cm2 Absolute Compression Strength Kg/cm2
 I  > 0.90  >1,100  > 650
 II  0.60 - 0.90
 725 - 1,100
 425 - 650
 III  0.40 - 0.60
 500 - 725
 300 - 425
 IV  0.30 - 0.40
 300 - 500
 215 - 300
 V  < 0.30
 < 300
 < 215

 Source: Den Berger (1932)

Distribution key:
The geographical distribution of the species is indicated by the following key:
1.    Sumatera
2.    Java
3.    Borneo
4.    Sulawesi
5.    Moluccas
6.    Lesser Sunda Islands
7.    West Irian/Papua

Uses key:
The key to indicate the possible uses of the wood is as follows:
1.    Construction
2.    Plywood
3.    Furniture
4.    Flooring
5.    Panelling
6.    Sleepers
7.    Door and window frames
8.    Packing material
9.    Sporting goods and musical instruments
10.    Power and telephone poles
11.    Shipbuilding
12.    Carvings and handicrafts
13.    Fancy veneer
14.    Matches
15.    Pulp
16.    Drafting instruments
17.    Pencils
18.    Charcoal
19.    Medicine
20.    Moulding

Source: Kartasujana, I.& Martawijaya, A. 1973. Commercial woods of Indonesia, their propertiesand uses Pengumuman no.3 thn 1973. Lembaga Penelitian Hasil Hutan, Bogor.


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