Log and Sawntimber Production and Export statistic Indonesia | 09/12/2018

The main product of commercial forest operation is log. Log is harvested from various sources such as natural forest granted to oncessionaires (IUPHHK/HPH),Land Clearing Activities (IPK), industrial forest plantation and community forest.

In 2010, based on data timber from the Raw Material Fulfillment Plan for Forest Industries (RPBBI) as of June 2010, the total log production as 42,443 million m3, consisting of log from natural forest at 5.25 million m3, IPK at 14.49 million m3, plantation forest at 18.56 million m3 erum Perhutani at 98.003 thousand m3 and of other official licenses at 3.72 million m3.

Sawn Timber is a sawmill product derived from logs as raw material. The product characteristics are having regular forms with parallel ides at right angle to each other, the thickness is not more than 6 cm and moisture content not to exceed 18 percent. Sawn timber produced irectly from logs must be certified by a legal document. n 2010 sawn timber production was recorded at 885,425 m3, it was improved comparing to the previous year at 710.208 m3.


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